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Donald John Trump is the 45th President of the United States. Donald Trump is an American television celebrity, politician, real estate developer, business magnate, investor and author. He is the chairman and president of The Trump Organization and the founder of Trump Entertainment Resorts. Trump's lifestyle and outspoken manner, as well as his books and his media appearances, have made him an American celebrity.

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Subject video 2 gun control for trump Try Blender

Donald Trump says about Gun Control

Subject video 2 jobs not mobs for trump Try Blender

Donald Trump: Jobs Not Mobs

Gun control trump nra.mp4 snapshot 00.22  2019.05.17 10.29.26 Try Blender

Donald Trump: NRA

Subject video 4 immigration for trump.mp4 snapshot 00.04  2019.07.30 16.05.19 Try Blender

D. Trump: Report on Immigration

Immigration trump chief carla provost report on immigration.mp4 snapshot 00.41  2019.05.17 10.38.47 Try Blender

Report on Immigration

Gun control trump having guns is a human right.mp4 snapshot 00.17  2019.05.17 10.22.23 Try Blender

Trump: Having guns is a human right

Gun control trump self defense.mp4 snapshot 00.53  2019.05.17 10.31.23 Try Blender

Trump: Self Defense

Immigration trump wall in el passo.mp4 snapshot 00.01  2019.05.17 10.34.15 Try Blender

Trump: Wall in El Passo

Immigration trump wall.mp4 snapshot 00.11  2019.05.17 10.35.36 Try Blender

U.S. Is Building The Wall

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